the ead way

About us


Established in 2011, Elite Academy Sports is a premier year around Sports and Skills Development Program designed to help young athletes develop the skills necessary to reach their full potential. From beginners to advanced players we provide training and teaching that allows our athletes to become "ELITE" players. As a leading provider of delivering the best sports program, we must take pride in offering the best training and national exposure to our players.


Elite Academy sports was established in 2011 and has grown into one of the most respected Sports Programs in the South-Central Region.
Based out of Dallas, Texas, Elite Academy Sports takes pride in developing exemplary athletes who strive for both academic and athletic excellence.
We are a premier provider of youth sports experiences and we seek to make participation available and affordable to interested athletes who rise to the challenge of playing basketball and/or soccer. We believe that an athlete should be able to participate regardless of race, religion, creed or financial status.

Our coaches/trainers are the best of the best, many of them have years of experience coaching/training at a high school and/or college level. Our coaches have a passion for teaching the game and want our players to learn how to play the right way...with respect, passion, and confidence...the EAD Way!